Weekly Fantasy Golf Rules

Weekly Fantasy Golf Leagues


  • You are selecting a team of golfers.
  • 2 formats are offered:
    • Groups – Select 1 golfer from each of between 15 and 25 groups of golfers
    • Salary – Select up to 15 golfers, based upon their cost up to your allotted budget
  • The players/groups are arranged by the previous weeks World Golf Ranking (WGR).
  • You are competing against the other teams in the league.
  • The team whose players earn the most points in the league wins.
  • Points are awarded to all players that make the cut. Tied players share the points for the positions tied.
  • You pay for your team from your account balance on the site. You deposit to your account by sending payment to either Bert or Bart.
  • All winnings will be deposited into your account. You then decide how much you want to leave in your account for future play or request to be sent to you.
  • All withdrawals will be sent through PayPal. You need a PayPal account to receive your withdrawals.
  • Ties will be paid out by splitting the combined winnings from all finishing places that tie, except when one or more players finish tied for first.  In the case of a tie for first, the winner of the playoff is credited with first place points, and the remaining players split the points for the remaining places.
  • You can update your entries up until 7:00 am (local time for the tournament) on the day the tournament starts.


 Player Withdrawals:

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your player is playing in the tournament. Sometimes players withdraw at the last moment. We will try and note player withdrawals on the team selection screen.
  • As stated above, you may change your team before the entry deadline.
  • If a team owner selects a player who does not start and does not change that player before the deadline:
    • Groups Format Leagues - the highest ranked player in that group will be substituted.
    • Salary Cap Leagues - the next least expensive player will be substituted.