Event 2 - Sony Open


We expect the single remaining team payment, so the teams published last week are final.  Upon request, we have also posted a "Grid View" of the team selections in both PDF and Excel versions on the home page here. Payouts will be posted before next week.

Event 40 - TOUR Championship


Main League - Period 10: drscrape 2 jumps up one spot for the win, John McKenna takes 2nd with doncharnley in 3rd.

Main League - YTD: No changes in the Top 5: Golfund wins, with drscrape 2, Puzzle Queen, zagbag and Daddy Fat Shafts complete the Top 5.

High Rollers League: teamscheck win as Boomer and Scrape take 2nd place.

Treegrove Circle League: Puzzle Queen wins, with Goss Williams in 2nd place.