Event 35 - PGA Championship


The weather cooperated and we had a terrific Sunday!

Main League - Period 9:  drscrape 2 takes the lead, as gracery moves up 55 places into 2nd.  urstillout, JD's Golf Academy 2, and Bob Beebe complete the Top 5.

Main League - YTD:  Golfund and Puzzle Queen lead, with drscrape 2 now in 3rd.  Daddy Fat Shafts and zagbag complete the Top 5.

Majors - subpool:  The Dalai Lama Himself wins with TheGolfAficionado in 2nd and Greg Hamilton in 3rd.

High Rollers League:  teamscheck maintains the lead, with Dan Lisk Hi Rollas! still in second place.

Treegrove Circle League:  Puzzle Queen widens her lead, with Goss Williams still in 2nd.

One more event before the FedEx playoffs!


Click a link below for complete standings: