About Us


A short history

My wife Leslieann and I took up golf seriously a year after we married in 1986. My golf “god-fathers” were Bill Cranstoun and Lee Stinson, co-workers at IBM, life-long golfers and inveterate gamblers. The gambling did not involve serious money, but every golf match included a $2 Nassau and small wagers were placed on all manner of activities. Every year Bill organized a $50 pool for the PGA season. It provided a reason to closely watch the leader board Sunday afternoon while we cheered on our players and to wish disaster on the players on your opponents’ teams. For a reason lost with the passage of time, Bill decided to not run the pool for the 1998 season. Upon the urging of friends and family I decided to organize one, and we had 12 participants in the inaugural season of “Bart’s Golf Pool”.

The pool grew every year as a few players dropped out but many more new players joined, solely through word of mouth. My mother Therese was a particularly big supporter of the pool, recruiting players and checking results. She was a huge fan of golf and, by nature, a person who “got involved”. She was a past president of the Women’s section of her golf club, a golf rules referee, and a Past President of the BC Ladies Golf Association.

The workload increased as the pool grew, especially the effort required to collect and reconcile payments. This effort caused me to consider stopping the pool before the 2003 season. However, the pool provided a vehicle for me to work and interact with my mother most weeks of the year, and together we decided this was an effort we wanted to continue sharing. Throughout this period my mother battled breast cancer, a fight she lost towards the end of the 2008 season. My sister Carol replaced Mom as the auditor of the results and my good friend Bert Pendergast increased his support, but I continued on running the pool out of the momentum and memories from the previous ten years.

In 2012 I remembered her by renaming the pool “Therese’s League” and established www.FantasyGolfTeam.com.  In 2015 we had over 200 “owners” of 182 teams, with a prize pool of over $14,000.

Bart Tichelman